Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s so unique about SEBS?

A: SEBS has teamed up with the best of the best partner ecosystem leaders and practitioners as instructors and advisors. We have applied our collective experiences to create SEBS based on the Canalys partner ecosystem framework often seen presented by Jay McBain Chief Analyst Channels, Partnerships and Ecosystems - Canalys. As a team we have created the world's first and only partner ecosystem education center and certification program for our students to learn from our collective experiences as well as our guest expert instructors. Almost all of what you read and hear on partner ecosystems are people talking at a very high-level about their theories and predictions at 40,000 feet. We take a real-world practical approach - which on its own is hard to action - mixed with a number of innovative new frameworks and working models to produce a highly actionable, relevant and customizable model to building partner ecosystems regardless who you are or what your role is.

Q: Who is SEBS Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)?

A: SEBS is designed for multiple ICPs:

  1. Partner professionals and leaders looking to upskill/reskill to the new world of partner ecosystems as well as educate their executives and peers to help get buy in to a partner ecosystem model.
  2. Line of Business individuals and teams of any organization that will be affected and intimately involved in the successful transition to a partner ecosystem model.
  3. Executives at any organization that are considering or in the process of implementing a partner ecosystem model.
  4. Partners of all types that are beginning to understand that creating their own partner ecosystem eg "partners partnering with partners" is mandatory for their own success as well as the success of their clients.

Q: Does SEBS utilize expert specialty instructors?

A: Yes. We are building and will continue to build our own ecosystem of specialized guest expert instructors. A great example of an industry icon that is a SEBS instructor and advisor is Gavriella Schuster, CEO and Managing Director #ALLIES and previously Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner - Microsoft.

Q: How does SEBS keep up to date and deliver new and relevant courses?

A: We are in the beginning of the decade of the partner ecosystem. Based on our experiences, guest expert instructors, feedback from students, partners and industry insights we have a roadmap of future courses and certifications. Great examples of what's on the roadmap are courses on partner ecosystem recruit, enable, manage and scale.

Q: Why is SEBS a 12-month program? 

A: Partner ecosystems is not a new version of the traditional partner/channel model - it's a business model shift. The movement to partner ecosystems is in it's infancy - but growing extremely fast. Much like sales transformed from an art to a science in the early 00's and marketing doing the same in the early 010's. There as a huge amount to learn about partner ecosystems as we are in it's early years.

Q: How is SEBS different than partner associations and communities?

A: Associations and communities are just as their names suggest. They are focused on gaining partner professional members to network, communicate and collaborate online and events and solicit vendor sponsors. They also deliver ad-hoc high level webinar training typically from members themselves or from vendor sponsors. SEBS delivers real-world education and certifications from partner ecosystem experts and practitioners as well as a student only community and support.

Q: Why should a tech vendor utilize SEBS? 

A: There are 3 main reasons:

  1. Tech vendors are leading the adoption of partner ecosystems - but this adoption is still in it's infancy. Getting executive buy in to partner ecosystems is mandatory and SEBS is mandatory to help achieve that goal. Also, expert education and certifications of internal staff including Lines of Business staff is required to accelerate buy in and adoption.
  2. The partners of tech vendors must also adopt a partner ecosystem model. No one single partner can meet the business outcomes needs of a customer today. Partners partnering with partners is mandatory. Vendors should offer SEBS to their partners.
  3. The customers of the vendor and partners are also in the process of transforming their B2B model to a partner ecosystem model. Vendors and partners should provide their customers with SEBS education and certifications to accelerate this adoption.

Q: I’m working in partnerships now. How will SEBS help me? 

A: You are working in the traditional channel partner model that has existed for decades. That model, as well as all current B2B sales and marketing models are being disrupted by the partner ecosystem model. The partner ecosystem model is not the next version of the traditional channel partner model. Upskilling and reskilling to the partner ecosystem model is in your best interest.

Q: I am a partner marketing support specialist or channel manager etc., do I need to become a Certified Partner Ecosystem Expert?

A: Yes. The partner ecosystem model affects virtually everyone in an organization over time. As a partnership professional, no matter what your role is, it's essential that you become a Certified Partner Ecosystem Expert to lead and educate others on this journey.

Q: I’m not in the Technology / SaaS space. Does SEBS apply to me?

A: Yes. According To A Recent Survey From Accenture "76% Of CEO's In All Industries And Geographies Believe Their Business Model Will Be Unrecognizable In 5 Years - Partner Ecosystems Are The Driving Factor".

Q: Why should I trust the SEBS program?

A: SEBS is based on the the Canalys partner ecosystem framework that has become the industry standard for organizations of all types and sizes worldwide.

Q: Does SEBS offer volume pricing? 

A: Yes. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Q: Does SEBS offer a monthly payment plan?

A: Yes

Q: Does SEBS offer scholarships to professionals affected by the recent workforce reductions?

A: Yes. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Q: Does SEBS have a student community?

A: Yes

Q: Do SEBS offer support?

A: Yes. We offer weekly open office hours and chat and email support.

Q: Does SEBS Offer Certifications?

A: Yes. We offer Certificates of Completion for individual courses as well as a Certified Partner Ecosystem Expert.

Q: I'm not in partnerships but I want to be - is SEBS for me?

A: Absolutely. We encourage and endorse anyone that wants to gain the skills and certifications to become a Certified Partner Ecosystem Expert to join the partner ecosystem ride.