A linear, strategic and executable certification based upon decades of experience from the most successful partner ecosystem minds in the world.

The Partner Ecosystem Foundations Program
Duration: Self-Paced Learning with new lessons and content every month
Timeline: 12-Month Subscription - Enjoy full access to the SEBS education center for one year
Content: Video lessons + assignments + an education center + GTM worksheets + live sessions, and constantly updated course material
Price: $99/mo

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The SEBS Partner Ecosystem Foundations Program is organized into bite-sized learning modules that can be consumed in the way that best meets your learning objectives:

  1. Take all 6 courses and 128 lessons in chronological order to build your 360 degree partner ecosystem GTM Plan
  2. Take individual courses based upon your primary partner type focus: Executive, Influencer, CoSeller, Expansion, Technology, and Strategic
  3. Take individual lessons and complete individual GTM Workbooks to fill in the gaps you need for your partner ecosystem right now. Take the other lessons when and how you see fit.

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Why You Should Get Certified

When building your partner ecosystem career, you can waste years trying to learn from the fragmented resources available today. Despite all your effort, you always feel uncertain because:
• You lack formal background in building and growing a partner ecosystem within an organization
• You don’t know what a complete partner ecosystem entails, nor what skills are required to grow one
• You don’t have the guidance or the time to understand what strategies and tactics you should be learning
• You don’t have the insider information on how to stand out as a partner ecosystem leader
• You don’t have the experience to know the invisible barriers in your organization preventing your success

After years of interviewing partner ecosystem leaders and mentoring dozens on how to implement partner ecosystems into organizational GTM motions, we decided to create the Partner Ecosystem Foundations Program so that no one else had to go through the same pain that so many others had to go through to build and grow a successful partner ecosystem.  

What Will You Get From this Certification?

• Video lessons, downloadable Partner Ecosystem Leader templates, and exclusive interviews (more added over time) with partner ecosystem leaders in the industry.
• Apply fundamentals learned from this course to your own partner ecosystem every day.
• Access to downloadable templates used by established partner ecosystem leaders.
• Learn the process of creating a partner ecosystem go-to-market plan for an executive board.
• Earn an official certificate of completion upon finishing the course.
• Monthly live sessions and roundtables with other ecosystem colleagues and experts.
• Live student support offered by SEBS instructors and faculty.
• SEBS is 100% committed to adding more BONUS course content and interviews with partner ecosystem leaders over time. You’ll also get FREE ACCESS to all future content for a year!
• Access to the world’s first and largest Partner Ecosystem Learning Center where you can meet, chat with, and learn from thousands of partner ecosystem leaders around the globe. 

Get Certified to Earn More

Free Lesson: Experience the Power of the Partner Ecosystem Foundations Program

Our lessons empower students with modern best practices that are methodically broken down so they can understand each concept theoretically, and then apply them to the real world to create immediate impact.

You'll also get to apply your learning with four (4) free Go-To-Market Worksheets that ensure you understand the lesson and can apply it to your organization.

Your Lead Instructor

Jason Breed is an accomplished partner ecosystem executive helping to redefine business models and grow organizations through a modern partner ecosystem framework. As an ecosystem-led, customer-driven, analytically grounded executive, he's built high-performing teams and worked across businesses to execute strong go-to-market partner programs and deliver profitable growth.
Jason is Chairman of the Board of the Cloud Software Association, a non-profit made up of 5,000 members focused on partnerships. He is also the Global Lead of Strategic Initiatives for Systems Integrators at AWS. Previous to that he was Global Lead, Partnerships & Alliances at Crownpeak and ran strategic partnerships as a Partner at IBM and Accenture.

Your 6 Foundations Courses

Course 1: The Partner Ecosystem Executive

The modern partner ecosystem executive takes a 360-degree view of the partner ecosystem, its integration into the organization, and how it taps into current market trends. In this course, you'll learn the people, processes and technology systems you must orchestrate in order to achieve your desired career and business outcomes. Learn more HERE.

Course 2: The Influencer Partner

Elevate your organization’s brand and demand by learning the foundational components required to build the influencer arm of your partner ecosystem. You’ll learn the types of influencer partners, partner operations fundamentals, partner technology requirements, options for org structure, budgeting basics, metrics for success, gaining corporate buy-in, and much more. Learn more HERE.

Course 3: The Co-Sell Partner

Co-selling is about much more than selling, and is broader than “channel”. You’ll learn the different types of co-sell partners, which organizations are a fit, org structures for scale, enablement frameworks, cross functional collaboration models, modern partner technology and operations models, sales alignment, GTM frameworks, and much more. Learn more HERE.

Couse 4: The Expansion Partner

Expansion partners are the unsung heroes in partner ecosystems. Learn the different types of expansion partners and how to choose the right one for you, how to align goals, managing expectations, getting cross functional alignment, optimizing your technology stack, collaborating with customer success, scaling CX, building processes, reporting for success and much more. Learn more HERE.

Course 5: The Technology Alliance

Go beyond technology integrations and learn the nuanced types of technology alliances, product/engineering/development/exec team alignment, prioritization of limited resources, accountability tracking, avoiding landmines, culture-matching, measuring success, “punching up”, and much more. Learn more HERE.

Course 6: The Strategic Alliance

Strategic alliances are among the most powerful partner types, and the most elusive. You’ll learn the types of strategic alliance partnerships, value creation frameworks, how to procure strategic alliance partners, contract creation, measuring and communicating success up, out and across, pitfalls to avoid and much more. Learn more HERE.

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