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"As we enter the decade of the ecosystem, changing buyer behaviors, the rise of SaaS, the subscription economy, marketplaces, and wide-scale digital transformation, value creation, and co-innovation are everything....99% of people - vendors and partners don't have the skills or muscles built. So, there's a front, or tip of the spear is always education and training"

Jay McBain Principal Analyst Channels, Partnerships and Ecosystems, Forrester

SEBS serves as the education and training Jay refers to.

"The real revenue and margin for the partner is not in selling the SaaS license alone, it comes from add-on technologies and services for every $1 the customer spends on the SaaS license - "Ranging between $4.65 and $9.00 for every dollar sold, the opportunities to wrap additional hardware, SaaS, and services around cloud projects are where partners can grow revenue and profit most effectively“- Jay McBain, Principal Analyst Channels, Partnerships, and Ecosystems Forrester Research


SEBS is certainly not your average source for Education, Training and meeting and collaborating with other members in an Ecosystem. Whether you are an Professional Services Firm such as a Digital Marketing Agency, CPA Firm etc, Consultant, Freelancer, Solopreneur, MSP etc SEBS offers everything you need to capitalize on the massive opportunities in front of you. You might think of SEBS as a "Managed School" offering continuous Education, Content, Tools, Interaction, Support, Ecosystem for all to succeed.

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