The Modern Partner Powered Revenue Program is for Business Leaders committed to build a profitable and scalable partner program.

The program comes from decades of real world hands-on experience building partnerships worldwide from some of the top partnership leaders and practitioners in the industry, embedding it into a combination of Content, and interactive Peer Groups.

The Member Program

Become a member of an exclusive group of Business Leaders like you trying to solve the same problems as you.


To be successful you must "begin with end in mind" - partner powered revenue.


  • Video courses via short lessons segmented by topic, role, and desired outcomes
  • Workbooks correlated with all courses designed to initiate action based upon the topics covered in the courses
  • Progress reports for the user to ensure you are covering and completing all the lessons and workbooks based upon the plan
  • Real-time support to help users achieve their goals

Live Workshops

What is a Partner Powered Revenue Center without live workshops?

Our live workshops include:

  • Co-learning with peers and partners that are also striving to grow their business
  • Co-marketing and sales opportunities with symbiotic partners
  • Co-innovation and integrations to help customers achieve their desired business outcomes
  • Highlight your expertise and solutions to other partners in the true sense of a partner ecosystem
  • Real-time support from the SEBS team and experts as well as your peers

Advisory Services

Your time is valuable - this is why we offer Advisory Services. We are not theorists - we are leaders and practitioners having built and scaled partner programs throughout the US and in over 40 countries - all hand's on.

SEBS leverages a comprehensive and methodical process based on achieving your desired business outcomes. We "begin with the end in mind" and "do first things first".

With each SEBS customized Partner Revenue Revenue Plan we:

  • Start with a formal assessment on a 60 minute Zoom call
  • Create a custom Partner Powered Revenue Plan based on your assessment, timeframes and constituents involved
  • Review your Partner Powered Revenue Plan to ensure we have a win-win go-forward plan.
  • Have a team kickoff call to review the plan and set expectations
  • Have regular check-ins to ensure we are on track